1 DAY Winter Adventure

This 1 Day Adventure will take place at the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Caledon.  


We'll start our day with a welcome – having a coffee and getting to know your fellow Adventurers as we do a few creativity exercises. You'll meet other cool people during guided creative workshops throughout out day where you’ll be encouraged to break out of your comfort zone and build creative skills such as colour theory and composition.


At the end of day celebrate your creative achievements with a glass of wine, good food and new friends. Take home your new masterpieces and treasured memories.

Alton Mill Arts Centre


March 2


Alton Mill Art Centre

1402 Queen St. West                 
Village of Alton                        
Caledon, Ontario                      
Canada, L7K 0C3   

Room: the Bridge     

The Alton Mill Arts Centre is the perfect place to absorb creative vibes! The Centre is built on the banks of Shaw's Creek, this national-award-winning heritage building is now "a jewel in the crown of the GTA's arts scene". The Alton Mill is home to some 25 studio artists,  galleries, heritage museum,  café and unique shops. 

Agenda Saturday, March 2


Arrival and Welcome

Enjoy a Mimosa and light snack, get settled and meet other adventurers.


Stretch & Mini Improv Exercises

Loosen your mind and body with some movement and improv exercises.


Painting Warm-up Exercises

Get into the Groove with gesture drawings and playing with paint to prepare for your workshops.


Photo Encaustic (Group A) 
Silk Scarf Making (Group B)

Learn how to create in Encaustic, embed your photo in wax, mix colours and add organic elements to create a unique piece of art.


Lunch & Time to Tour Artist Studios

Get inspired when you meet local practicing artists and learn about their materials and techniques.


Photo Encaustic (Group B) 
Silk Scarf Making (Group A)

Use specialty dyes, and watercolour techniques to create your own unique 100% silk scarf.


Celebration Reception at Noodle Gallery

Bask in your Success! Enjoy cocktails and light appetizers as we celebrate our creative achievements.

You are encouraged to bring your cheque book; Noodle Gallery carries work from incredible artists and fine crafters.


Event Ends

Make your way home with your own custom masterpieces.


Give Yourself the Day!

Before heading to your adventure, we encourage you to give yourself the day – we will not force you to pocket your cell phones (you will need them to take photos); however, one of the best ways to get the most from your adventure is to immerse yourself in the day.


Encaustic Class

For the Encaustic class, we encourage you to use a photo you have taken yourself that you can play with. This can be an old sepia-tone of your parents wedding or a landscape at the local park. Think about your positive and negative space and begin by choosing a photo that has about 75 percent light versus dark colors, as light-colored photos have a much better success rate. This workshops process allows us to paint below and on top of the photograph so keep that in mind when choosing your photo.  


More details will be provided closer to the day!

What to Wear

Be prepared to get messy! Please wear old comfortable clothing that you can get paint on and dress in layers as some parts of the building can feel drafty at times. You are welcome to bring slippers if you do not want to work in shoes all day. We do have aprons available.

Extend Your Experience

Stay a Little Longer

Enjoying dinner, a spa treatment, hiking, snow shoeing, horse back riding or other local activities in Caledon on your own. We highly recommend the Millcroft Inn and Spa.

Looking for a Bigger Creative Adventure?

We'll love for you to join us for our 3 Day Spring Adventure in Caledon May 10-12, 2019! 

Activity Details


Adventures will go home with a hand painted silk scarf, a 10" x 10" encaustic painting, gesture drawings and encaustic and paint worksheets.  More importantly we hope you leave with wonderful memories and a continued desire to create!


One of the best ways to stay creative is to draw, scribble or write everyday. Exercises are designed to loosen up your creativity and get you started for the day! No experience required: you will learn a bit about colour theory and some techniques as you play.


Absorb the creative vibe and get inspired visiting and meeting artists in some of the 25 art studios at Alton Mills Art Centre. 


Working with 100% Habatai silk, we will walk you through the process to create something beautiful. You will have the option of either creating a pattern and tracing it or trying your hand at free-flow colours or flowers.


We believe that starting your day with a Mimosa* can help put you in the right frame of mind and is conducive to the creative experience. Each Adventure will close off with a celebratory evening event.

*non alcoholic cocktails available


Encaustic painting involves using hot beeswax coloured with pigments to create a unique work of art. Not only does it smell amazing, it is very forgiving so you will create something you can proudly display!


What is an event without great food! This adventure includes tasty treats and meals throughout the day; light continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, appetizers and drinks during the cocktail reception. The focus will be on supporting local farmers. 


Close your Adventure with a tour in the amazing Noodle Gallery. Receive your official Adventurer Creativity Certificate. Bring your cheque book - there is some amazing art here!

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