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Many organizations today are encouraging their employees to ‘think creatively” but how do you foster a culture of creative thinking? How does one go from your current state to trusting and exploring kernels of blue-sky ideas to develop innovative and practical solutions? Through creative exercises, activities and play, Creativity Adventures works with you to help you open up to new experiences and solutions. This learning will help you embrace a creative culture that allows individuals to connect creatively within themselves and with each other, building on innovative thoughts and ideas.


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When participating in and working at art fairs, we constantly meet people who long to be more creative but don’t know how to. / looking for a creative outlet


When working in the corporate world we realized the high value of the fun interactive engaging events for networking and collaborating and growth of ideas. We would introduce creative activities and opportunities for conference participants to unwind and move, breaking down barriers of restraint in thought. This opened up attitudes and collaboration of ideas. We had so much fun pushing ourselves and others to engage with creative thinkers and ideas while participating in activities that pushed outside comfort zones. We saw how engaged others were…how much people looked forward to these events year after year.  they loved this conference format and participants reached out to us year after year to get the dates annual events and would book their travel and schedule around them. 



We know there are a lot more people like us out there who want to have fun, learn to be more creative but may not have time or resources to organize it all on their own.  

Our creative backgrounds and love of the arts was where we wanted to spend more time in. This was where the joy was for both of us. It is where we were both most fulfilled and so Creative Adventures Events was born.  How cool to host a mini retreat that focuses on getting back in touch with your creative side.! 

Be a More Creative You

Tapping into and learning to trust your creative selves has huge benefits and practical applications at home or at the boardroom table. 

Why does creativity matter so much? The latest neuroscience research suggests that developing our creative potential will lead to greater success and fulfillment – in our personal and professional lives. And studies suggest that the most important asset we have for negotiating the accelerated-change climate of the 21st century and beyond, is our creative brains. (





Creatively comes from a place of centered well being. So, join us as you bond with other creative women, find your inner peace at eh spa and tap learn how to bring more creativity into your everyday life. 

Our Process

Creative Adventures is designed for the average person who wants to have fun and break out of your comfort zone to tap into your latent creativity. Though physical activities such as hiking, zip lining and snowshoeing we look to break down barriers and empower you to embrace that creative part of you

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