1 DAY Adventure 
Silk Scarves

The perfect way to start your journey – learning about colour, composition and create with paint on silk!
Designed for the non-artist, our goal is to expose you to new creative experiences and teach you the basic skills that will enable you to continue on your creative journey. 

Adventurers will go home with a unique 100% Habatai silk scarf - 42" x 14", as well as a small tester scarf, gesture drawings and paint worksheets.  More importantly we hope you leave with wonderful memories and a continued desire to create! 

For this 1 Day Adventure, you will create a beautiful hand painted silk scarf!

We'll start our day with a welcome – having a mimosa and getting to know your fellow Adventurers as we do a few creativity warm-up exercises. Our guided workshops will provide you with the direction you need to be successful. You will be encouraged to break out of your comfort zone, accept serendipity and build creative skills such as colour theory and composition.


Celebrate your creative achievements! These 1 Day Adventures are designed to give you a taste of a new art form. We hope you continue your creative journey as you take home your new masterpiece and treasured memories.


MAY 14


Location TBC



Check back soon. We expect to confirm our location soon and expect it will be within easy access of public transit and have local parking available.



Arrival and Welcome

Enjoy a Mimosa, get settled and meet other adventurers.


Stretch & Mini Improv Exercises

Loosen your mind and body with some movement and improv exercises.


Warm Up

Get into the groove with gesture drawings and playing with mark making and colour and learn about theory and balance to prepare for your workshops.


Lunch & Artist's Talk

Grab a quick lunch (included) to build up your strength for the afternoon adventure. Get inspired when you meet local practicing artists and learn about their inspiration and techniques.


Silk Scarves

No experience required: we will walk you through the steps using specialty dyes, and watercolour techniques to create your own unique 100% silk scarf.


Time to go!

Bask your success, take some photos and post your story to remember your day! Make your way home with your own custom masterpiece.


Give Yourself the Day!

Before heading to your adventure, we encourage you to give yourself the day – we will not force you to pocket your cell phones (you will want to take pictures of your pieces and experience); however, one of the best ways to get the most from your adventure is to immerse yourself in the activity.


What to Wear

Be prepared to get messy! As you can imagine – these adventures are all about the fashion…not! We will get messy – that is the point. We encourage you to dig in the bottom of your closet for some old T-shirts and wear some comfortable clothes that you don’t need to worry about.. We do have aprons available but not having to worry about your clothing is very freeing!

Better Yet...

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Create Your Own Adventure?

Interested in hosting your own Creative Adventure for a shower or that special Birthday, we do that! Best for groups of 10 or more.


Price: $150 +HST

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