Amazing Activities

Each Adventure is unique with different activities that reflect a theme or our well-researched location. Below are just some of the amazing things we have in store for you to experience – from fine art to fine craft.  

We guarantee that you will have fun and see amazing results! Our experience and our “10 Laws of Creative Success” show how we can make such a bold statement! Join the fun today.   


Encaustic painting involves using hot beeswax, coloured with pigments to create a unique work of art. Not only does it smell amazing, it is very forgiving so you will create something you can hang in your home!


Working with established local artists, you will learn a bit about colour theory and painting techniques. No painting experience required: we will walk you through the steps to create your very own treasure.  


Working with 100% Habatai silk, we will walk you through the process to create something beautiful. You will have the option of either creating a pattern and tracing it or trying your hand at free-flow flowers or patters.  


Take your favourite photo or take a serene nature shot to transfer to a birch panel. Using stencils, dried flowers and paint, add your own touches to make it personal


One of the best ways to stay creative is to draw, scribble or write every day. Making your personalized journal will help you stay motivated.  


During a guided hike through the woods we will share tips on how to look at the world around you from a photographer’s point of view. Using the camera on your phone,  take photos that you actually want to frame or use in the Photo transfer workshop.


We believe that starting your day with a Mimosa* can help put you in the right frame of mind and conducive to the creative experience. Each Adventure will close off with a celebratory evening event.

*non alcoholic cocktails available


What better way to break down barriers than throwing yourself off a cliff. A planned Adventure in Whistler will include ziplining. The exhilaration is worth getting over your fear as you expand your view and creativity.


What is an event without great food! All adventures will include tasty treats and meals throughout the day. The focus will be on supporting local farmers. 


Embrace your inner child during our themed networking evening dinners. Participate at your own pace in activities like our SuperHero challenge, white party, art battle, improve... lots of  fun and games.


Learn basic watercolour techniques as you create custom cards. Embellish with just the right element to share for that special occasion.


What better way to welcome guests to your home that will a custom hand-made wreath on the front door. Based on the season, you will create elegant and colourful woven wreaths using natural vines, flowers, ribbon and berries.  


Create a unique rustic sign or tray. Personalize your barn board or pallet 
using stencils, paint, or transfers to make the perfect artisan piece to display in your home or garden. 


You will learn to cut coloured stained glass and use copper foil to produce seasonal sun catchers. These can be used as tree ornaments or placed in the window to catch the sun’s trays – bringing sparkle and light into any room.


Getting active and changing your environment helps us see things in new ways. Most Adventures will include some form of physical activity: hiking, ziplining, canoeing, paddle boarding, snow shoeing...


Create the elements for an elegant themed table - from place settings to centrepieces, napkin rings to candle holders. Stunning elements will impress your guests and you can use them for years to come.


The theme is Sushi!

Step 1: Choose the colours you love to build your own sushi plate. The process is easy and fun, you'll be surprised at the results.

Step 2: Learn how to make sushi in the creative kitchen.


Absorb the creative vibe and get inspired visiting and meeting artists in their studios. Then connect with your own creativity during one of our workshops to make your own masterpiece.


Create a spa in your own home with bath bombs and salts. Experiment until you find your personalized fragrance, using essential oils and fresh herbs. Keep these scented bath bombs and salts or give them away for hostess gifts.


Custom jewellery with clay and glass. Colourful stained-glass earrings are unique and capture the light to add sparkle to any outfit. Match this with a funky pendant and you are ready to hit the town.


OUR PROCESS: The 10 Laws of Creative Success

Designed for YOU.

Creative Adventures is designed for the average person who wants to have fun and break out of your comfort zone to tap into your latent creativity. No experience necessary, just a willingness to engage.  Perfect for a girls weekend, sisters retreat or an independent exploration.



Guided Activities.

Through many years of delivering executive events, we understand how to provide individuals with a step-by-step process to ensure the end product is...amazing! For each activity, we will help you navigate the Adventure. From there you are further encouraged to build on the learning, breaking free with your own creative spin and thoughts. 


A Full Schedule of Activities.

We build a pretty packed schedule into our Adventures to maximize the time you have to explore multiple disciplines, methods, materials and some unique highlights in the local area. Many activities throughout your day and weekend build on your confidence and learning. 

No Two Adventures are Alike. 

We choose our locations carefully, so that you are surrounded by inspirational settings and have access to unique activities and a variety of workshop leaders. 


Don't Forget the Fun.

We build themed social activities into the agenda. We want you to loosen up and play in a supportive, creative environment. 


Be Active.

Though physical activities such as hiking, ziplining and snowshoeing we look to break down barriers and empower you to embrace that creative part of you! Be prepared to move on your 3 Day Adventure!


Get Messy. 

As you can imagine – these Adventures are all about the fashion…not! We will get messy – that is the point. We encourage you to go out to your local Value Village and get yourself some comfortable clothes that you don’t need to worry about. A note of warning – one of the first things we will do is get them dirty! 


Commit to the Adventure. 

Before heading to your Adventure, we encourage you to give yourself the day. We will not force you to pocket your cell phones (you will need them to take photos) however;one of the best ways to get the most from your adventure is to immerse yourself in the day. 


Extend the Fun.

The locations for our Adventures are not too far away but not to close to home. We encourage you to extend your stay to further enjoy the local area and pamper yourself at the Spa.


Bask in Your Success.

Adventure activities are purposefully chosen to ensure a high level of fun, creative collaboration and success. We believe the process is as important as the end product. Our goal is to ensure you walk away with a memorable creative experience you are excited about and the confidence to continue your creative journey.

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