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Creative Adventures Events runs fun, interactive multi-day or single-day retreats that help you get back in touch with your creative self. Retreats are hosted in multiple locations and focus on creative exercises such as painting, drawing, drama and writing, and include physical adventures and networking activities. 


Its fun and freeing to engage your hands and creative mind in new ways. Reaching back to a time when you could just play and there was no judgement is a gift…one we want to share with you. With like-minded individuals, we want to encourage you to immerse yourself in a retreat that allows you to focus on YOU. The goal is to:

Create. Laugh. Live.

Kate Taylor
Co-founder Creative Adventures

Kate is an award-winning abstract artist born in Cambridge, England, grew up in Oakville, Ontario and now works out of her studio in Toronto, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western University where she was taught painting by the internationally-renowned artist, Paterson Ewen. She is represented by multiple galleries and has participated in art exhibitions around the world including Toronto, New York, Barcelona, San Diego and China. 


“I grew up in a very creative family – my sister and Grandmother both professional artists. I didn’t realize until I was older what a gift that was – to be encouraged to explore, take risks and be creative. I run into people all the time who say they are not creative; maybe they just haven’t’ had the encouragement!”


Before committing to her art full time, Kate run a successful Marketing company specialising in Executive level events, including hosting an Art Battle with IT executives. Kaleidoscope Marketing won many awards for creating innovative events across Canada and the US.



Kate and Angela have worked together for many years, creating fun, educational events for many Fortune 500 companies. Through their understanding of their audience and out-of-the-box thinking, they successfully brought art battles and fun & games to senior executives for the past 15 years; ensuring every attendee was able to successfully participate at their individual level.


They are now bringing this expertise to Creative Adventures. With this much experience, you can be sure your Adventure will be just what you anticipate!

Angela Lane
Co-founder Creative Adventures

Angela has a life-long love of the arts and you'll find her in her drawing and painting in her studio when she's not out leading fun creative events.


She has been working closely with the Artists’ Network managing and growing their outdoor art shows since 2012 and has led a number of award-winning events in North America with Kaleidoscope Marketing.


She began her studies and career in graphic design working in the advertising industry for 15+ years. With a well-rounded background in creative, client services and strategic planning, she shifted to work as an independent consultant, specializing in creative executive engagement events.

"This allows me the freedom to work on projects I truly enjoy and the opportunity to explore my creativity."


Her background includes courses and programs in fine art, graphic design and marketing at OCAD U, York U, Sheridan College, Fanshawe College and ICA. 


We believe that everyone is creative but that, as we get pulled into the hectic reality of adult life, we lose touch with our creative selves. We typically hear “I am not creative”. We don’t believe it! We believe that everyone manifests their creativity in different ways; it might be a business solution, reimagining your garden, incorporating a bold colour into your wardrobe or finding a creative solution to a recent challenge. Let us help you embrace your creativity. 


Creative Adventures is designed for the average person who wants to have fun and break out of your comfort zone to tap into your latent creativity. Though physical activities such as hiking, zip lining or show-shoeing, combined creative workshops and a few cocktails, we look to break down barriers and enable you to enjoy creative pursuits. 


Creative Adventures provides a supporting, non-judgemental environment to learn to play and create. At the end of the retreat, as we send you away with the results of your creative endeavours; we want you to say “WOW – I had no idea I could create that!” We want you to take that new-found confidence to your family and home as well as your corporate environment. We want you to say “yes, I am a creative person!”


Many organizations today encourage their employees to ‘think creatively” but how do you foster a culture of creative thinking? How does one go from your current state to taking risks and exploring kernels of blue-sky ideas to develop innovative and practical solutions? Through creative exercises, activities and play, Creativity Adventures works with you to help you open up to new experiences and solutions.


When working in the corporate world we realized the high value of a fun interactive engaging event to increase networking, collaborating and growth of ideas. We would introduce creative activities and opportunities for conference participants to unwind and move, breaking down barriers. We can work with your team to create your unique Creative Adventure.


Tapping into and learning to trust your creative selves has huge benefits and practical applications at home or at the boardroom table. 

Why does creativity matter so much?

The latest neuroscience research suggests that developing our creative potential will lead to greater success and fulfillment – in our personal and professional lives. And studies suggest that the most important asset we have for negotiating the accelerated-change climate of the 21st century and beyond, is our creative brains.

OUR PROCESS: The 10 Laws of Creative Success

Designed for YOU.

Creative Adventures is designed for the average person who wants to have fun and break out of your comfort zone to tap into your latent creativity. No experience necessary, just a willingness to engage.  Perfect for a girls weekend, sisters retreat or an independent exploration.



Guided Activities.

Through many years of delivering executive events, we understand how to provide individuals with a step-by-step process to ensure the end product is...amazing! For each activity, we will help you navigate the Adventure. From there you are further encouraged to build on the learning, breaking free with your own creative spin and thoughts. 


A Full Schedule of Activities.

We build a pretty packed schedule into our Adventures to maximize the time you have to explore multiple disciplines, methods, materials and some unique highlights in the local area. Many activities throughout your day and weekend build on your confidence and learning. 

No Two Adventures are Alike. 

We choose our locations carefully, so that you are surrounded by inspirational settings and have access to unique activities and a variety of workshop leaders. 


Don't Forget the Fun.

We build themed social activities into the agenda. We want you to loosen up and play in a supportive, creative environment. 


Be Active.

Though physical activities such as hiking, ziplining and snowshoeing we look to break down barriers and empower you to embrace that creative part of you! Be prepared to move on your 3 Day Adventure!


Get Messy. 

As you can imagine – these Adventures are all about the fashion…not! We will get messy – that is the point. We encourage you to go out to your local Value Village and get yourself some comfortable clothes that you don’t need to worry about. A note of warning – one of the first things we will do is get them dirty! 


Commit to the Adventure. 

Before heading to your Adventure, we encourage you to give yourself the day. We will not force you to pocket your cell phones (you will need them to take photos) however;one of the best ways to get the most from your adventure is to immerse yourself in the day. 


Extend the Fun.

The locations for our Adventures are not too far away but not to close to home. We encourage you to extend your stay to further enjoy the local area and pamper yourself at the Spa.


Bask in Your Success.

Adventure activities are purposefully chosen to ensure a high level of fun, creative collaboration and success. We believe the process is as important as the end product. Our goal is to ensure you walk away with a memorable creative experience you are excited about and the confidence to continue your creative journey.

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